DONACO DESIGN COMMUNICATIONS TAKES ENORMOUS HONOR in providing unrivaled creative solutions in order to generate the ideal in client-desired results. Here is what our clients and associates say about our work…

“Dona is a great professional and provides excellent results. She is an expert on the gaming industry, marketing and strategic planning. Her timely reports, analyses and recommendations were very impactful. She is results oriented, interacts well with clients and knows her business very well!––top qualities: great results, expert, on time.”
David Franasiak, Owner

 $25MM Investment Banking

“Dona (and Team) is extremely focused and provided complete detailed concepts per what at the time was our initial design. She truly provided exactly what we needed during our preliminary process––top qualities: great results, personable, expert.”
Gary Shpritz, VP Design Development

 The Cordish Company
Maryland Live Casino

“I have worked with DONACO Design Communications in every aspect of design at the Sands Casino. They are extremely hard working and very responsible. DONACO’s organizational skills are complimented by thier creative talents, and her team would be a total asset to any company that utilizes their many talents. DONACO’s qualifications are far beyond any group of creative’s that I have worked with in the past. They can oversee and execute all creative responsibilities of a major corporation.”
Sam Bocchicchio, VP Design Development

 Gillespie Advertising
MRM/ Mc Cann Erickson Worldgroup

“DONACO Design possesses a rare combination among creative people. They combine great creative flair and talents with a strong sense for business. Dona is a strong listener keying in important factors that might help hone in exciting creative solutions. To her, business matters help inform smart creative. At the same time, she works very hard to offer innovative and exciting creativity to each assignment. Lastly, but certainly not least, she gets it done. Top recommendation.”
Tom McManimon, Executive Creative Director

 The Sands Corporation
 Venetian & Palazzo

“DONACO’s creativity is exceeded only by her passion for finding the perfect message and delivering it in the most effective manner. They are excellent.”
Jim Wise, Director of Corporate Marketing

 Hollywood Casino Corporation
 Sands Hotel Corporation

“DONACO is led by Dona Rudderow Sturn, who is an extraordinarily creative individual. Her designs are stylistic, iconic, and memorable. And she leads the group in the same direction.”
Michael Trageser, Director Marketing Services

 Sands Hotel Corporation

“DONACO has worked on several packaging projects and performed an outstanding job. They brought us a lot of creativity, unconventional ideas, and smart solutions and executed the projects with a great passion. Their positive attitude, great energy and thier solid reliability were highly appreciated by all my co-workers.”
Bernard Kreilmann, President and Chief Executive Officer

 Ferrero USA

“DONACO is one of the most creative, detail-oriented, and artistically talented group I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. They act with the utmost of professionalism, are kind and polite, and some of the best at their craft. It’s hard to find such a talented team in the world of biz! Dona herself is an astute businesswoman, takes pride in her work, and attends to her clients with great care. I’m happy to recommend them.”
Georgiana Francisco, Vice President Public Relations

 Gillespie Advertising
MRM/Mc Cann Erickson Worldgroup

“Clear communication and creative excellence are pure and simply… DONACO. Their passion (as I see in all they do) and drive is to funnel a client’s vision into a streamlined message, in any form, is outstandingly successful. Great addition to any project or team, I offer my highest recommendation!”
Bob Penaloza, Founder

 Accelerated Growth Group

“if your looking to hire a true professional team with more creativity than you can imagine, with an eye on keeping your costs in line while expanding your position in the market, then look no further than DONACO! We always look forward to working with her on creative projects.”
Gary Mattie, Owner/ Photographer

 Mattie Studio, Inc.

“DONACO did some excellent work on corporate branding and logo work while at the Sands and Hollywood Casino Corp. I strongly recommend their work.”
Eric Terry, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

 Pratt Hotel Corportion

“DONACO has amazing creative directors and designers, who have always communicated well with their artists and photographers, such as myself. I found that their creative direction was always well founded and clear. They are a great agency to work with — on the set and off of a shooting project. Dona herself is always a great leader when under stress yet retains her creative edge. I look forward to working with them often.”
Peter Lien, Owner, Photographer

 Lien Nibauer Photography

“I have known Dona for 5 years and worked professionally with her for 1 year. I have rarely met anyone who works as hard and effectively for her clients. She brings a wealth of advertising experience to her engagements. Her artistic training allows her to develop new and creative brand identities for her clients. I am proud to have joined forces between Booth, Shaberman & Associates and DONACO Design Communications to offer brand intensification services to the legal community.”
Larry Booth, Lead Partner

 Booth, Shaberman & Associates