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CREATIVE SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS – We are your solution source in a multitude of creative venues — from start-to-finish and everything in between. We approach each assignment as a brand-building opportunity, from websites to ad campaigns, and corporate brochures to corporate standards systems, DONACO Design Communications offers strong and insightful marketing savvy, a broad spectrum of creative services, and the strategic innovative solutions to bring you the results you expect and deserve.

One of the most important keys to successful marketing is advertising. With over 150 years of combined experience, DONACO Design Communications brings a wealth of advertising and marketing knowledge to the table, offering a wide range of services… from design and incisive strategic campaigns to annual reports, books, brochures, collateral, copywriting, information graphics, packaging, point-of-purchase materials, posters, presentations, press kits, public relations, retail and environment displays, signage systems, stationary or product design packaging, and much more…

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What does it take to make your brand move ahead? To find out, we dig deep. At DONACO, we understand that a brand encompasses vision, positioning, architecture and management, all stemming from your corporate culture. We begin with the end in mind. A brand audit defines the base line from which we build, taking your existing image and strengthening it in all facets, pointed to your sustainable end goal – clear communication and desired results!

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If you need another opinion, comments from a creative eye, a sounding board with a deep well from which to draw experience, we offer options on brand support in advertising/ marketing and graphics. If you have a brand in place, and just need a “second set of eyes” to review your positioning or require direction on fine-tuning — we are at your service. An a la carte scenario is an option, as well as a long-term consulting agreement.

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We are savvy and passionate about design — the graphic element of communications is art and technology, utilized to communicate ideas in words, symbols, color and design elements. We work with hand-drawn imagery, painted/ illustrated, photographed, or computer-generated images to support the brand in an effort to obtain your desired results, i.e., what that graphic image should be generating –– stimulus, recognition, and brand reinforcement — and conveying your message to your target audience.

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Maintaining order amid chaos while sustaining the brand image –– our guideline systems do just that. We assemble a governing document(s), which instills the directives of the corporate identity –– whether that is in a logo, type font, color palette, tag line messages or mission. Our “identity system” can take your organization’s philosophy and create support methods of maintaining visual continuity and brand recognition across all physical manifestations of the brand, which we then package into a set of tools, including manuals, guidebooks, and more.

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Art in design; the visual image is stimulating and worthy of attention. Not only do words and color build brand recognition, but the creation of art for business supports brand just as strongly — illustration and graphics go hand-in-hand — the culmination of a solid image. We offer art as part of your brand development. Or, you may commission an individual piece of work to be created for business or private pleasure.

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Innovation drives the marketplace. Over the decades, we have garnered great enthusiasm to develop processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners and society at large. We strive to reach cutting edge advertising solutions for the client’s marketplace — we are driven to innovate. We are at home with either a full-blown ad campaign or individual assignments; the brand recognition reinforcement is prudent in our creative resolutions.

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Art and technology wrapped up into one creative science: packaging is not just in the design; rather, it is the science of enclosing and protecting a product for sale (as well as distribution, storage and use). The DONACO team has had great success in designing packaging for entertainment, high-end invitations containing commemorative coins and music CDs, food products for annual or special edition holiday sale, display packaging, and more…

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 retail packaging
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The visual image is candy to the eye — if it is sweet enough, it stimulates the recognition desired, and therefore, burns an imbedded subliminal message to the viewer. We utilize the art of photography as supporting elements in the overall brand reinforcement process, from original on-site photo shoots or studio sets to licensed stock photography, our creative savvy expands through the camera lens. In addition to stills, our photography teams shoot video in a multitude of variations for use on web, television, and presentation purposes.

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We are adept at designing and creating accompanying merchandise to extend your brand and brand recognition, in addition to developing a product from a seedling to a large tree with many branches. Witness the book for tweens: Jane NOT Plain And The Pearls of Wisdom. It began as an idea to help young girls realize their importance and recognize their potential, and culminated in a fully illustrated book, accompanied by beautifully manufactured merchandise that not only was fun, but also sent a message of self-esteem. DONACO prides itself in the creative development of ideas, bringing them into reality, driving them into the marketplace, and creating the necessary marketplace awareness.

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Stop. Go. Caution. Large, small, medium –– stand-up displays, trade shows, directional, advertising billboard campaigns, outdoors poster campaigns and environmental signage — we supply the creativity and knowledge to get your message in front of your viewer and directly to your audience. We are at home with full-blown campaigns or individual two and three-dimensional sign design, development and production — using materials and variations such as: paper, vinyl, treated canvas, metals, neon, motion messaging and scintillating lights. If you want something said, we can say it with signage.

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Audio branding in the sense of sound is just as important to the visual brand we see and experience daily. We have a very deep understanding of the inner workings of audio as it relates to media, not only from a creative perspective, but also from a technical, and a project management perspective. Our project responsibilities extend out to: setting the sound design palette; hiring out and managing contractors as needed; being the primary point team for all things audio on a live project; and more…

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We are all too familiar with a logo on a mug or an advertisement wrapped around a building or a bus –– but a ginormous mural towering above your head — wow, now that is something. Our specialty graphics knowhow offers our clients products and processes, enabling us to create myriad ways to advertise and market your brand image. They can be two-and three-dimensional, with unlimited ways to reproduce the image on just about anything.

 vehicle wraps
 silhouette wall applications
 canvas digital output
 transfer graphics
 merchandise advertising

We recommend taking control of market perception, so that market perception doesn’t control you. If you need support instructing the visual and verbal elements which capture and advertise your brand’s positioning, we can help. We provide instruction consulting (teaching) as a session or series of sessions for an audience of one or a hundred.

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 brand instruction
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Bring your print campaign to life! No matter where you look around the world today, almost everyone has some form of screen with them (smart phone/ tablet) or around them (TV/ video billboard/ etc.), and they are viewing screens such as in-store displays and sporting event jumbotrons. Video/ motion media –– visual content solutions as we label it –– has never been a more important tool to get your message out. Services in this area include: motion graphics design; compositing; video editing; visual FX; motion tracking; color grading; and compressions for any display format.

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 digital signage

DONACO designs with your brand at hand: color, design, information content and ease of navigation, are keys to a successful site. Our designs are not superficial. We code deeply, with spider-friendly SEO (search engine optimization) so the site can be easily crawled by search engines such as Google. We develop copy with a combination of target key words and phrases, content editing, and continually manage the site with updates and incoming links — all this generates a higher ranking for your site – making your presence known, and the content clear.

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