OUR TEAM MEMBERS CONTRIBUTE YEARS OF EXECUTIVE-LEVEL EXPERIENCE, in multi-media and production, to the success of our Client’s business. Their talents and expertise play a vital role in the success of DONACO Design Communication’s client-desired-results. Working together with you, we develop a successful ‘story to tell’ – the cornerstone of your brand intensification… connecting the dots moving you and your organization forward.


Dona Rudderow Sturn
Creative Director/ Principal
– DONACO Design Communications founder/ owner, senior creative director, award winning marketing, advertising and design executive who leads her team to successful results through clear communication, creative thinking, and entrepreneurial enthusiasm… spearheads expectations, process, successful outcome, enhancing client revenues… responsibilities range from start-to-finish and everything in between… twenty-five year industry experience encompasses creative, conceptual, analytical and strategic planning/ execution… held top-level positions at Gillespie Advertising, an MRM/ McCann Erickson Worldgroup company, Las Vegas Sands Corporation Worldwide… founded/ relocated dynamic New Jersey-based advertising/ design agency to Washington, D.C. area, developed Jane Not Plain Worldwide, a children’s self-esteem book series/ merchandising company headlined in The Wall Street Journal… taught high school/ college art/ creative design… creates works of fine art in multiple mediums found in public and private collections worldwide…
Known for her infectious enthusiasm and ready-to-meet-any-challenge philosophy, Dona has built a team of like-minded professionals who reap rewarding results in a high-energy environment.

Has worked with:
• Bolshoi Ballet
• Catholic Charities
• Fidelity
• Hollywood Casino Corporation
Jane Not Plain Worldwide
• Kirkland Delacre/ United Biscuits
• Lucent Technologies
• NJ/ NYC Transit Port Authority
• Sands Corporation Las Vegas
• Venetian/ Palazzo Hotel Casinos,
  Las Vegas, Atlantic City

Tom McManimon
Creative Director/ Strategic Development
– With over three decades honing his creative, conceptual, and strategic skills, Tom has helped myriad companies worldwide to launch new brands, reinvent old ones, meet high-level client needs with a full mix of advertising and design media… award-winning art director, writer, positioning strategist who served as managing partner/ executive creative director at Gillespie Advertising an MRM/ McCann Erickson WorldGroup company, for almost twenty years… work has been recognized by CLIO, ANDY, TELLY, and in PRINT Magazine… sought-after public speaker, blogger on branding, advertising, and communications…
Tom credits his success to a strong belief in himself. Genuine and generous to a fault, he works tirelessly to deliver his best in every situation.

Has worked with:
• 1XP Corporation
• The Cayemitte Group
• Emerald Financial
• MedAvante, Inc.
• MMS Education
• Prudential Mortgage Capital
• Reid Sound
• Talksoft Corporation
• U.S. Department of Agriculture
• U.S. Department of Labor

Samuel Bocchicchio
Art & Design Development Expert
– A boundless resource for art and design forums, Sam brings global experience in numerous areas of the Casino/ Gaming corporate world; having served as Vice President of Design for the Sands Casino Corporation… he is certified as an Art Expert in the private sector of Fine Arts… member of the United Scenic Artist Union, Local 829 and the Local 917 IATSE in Atlantic City, NJ… has created world-renowned sculptures for the Venetian/ Palazzo Hotel Casinos in Las Vegas… has been praised for the Arena stage he designed/ built for Silverstar/ Golden Moon Casinos in Mississippi – named by Casino Magazine as the “best venue in the south for casino entertainment," and he has also designed the famous Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. monument in Atlantic City…
Sam is an aficionado of the arts community, is an avid sailor who often sails into the sunset, and hopes to never lose his sense of humor.

Has worked with:
• Caesar’s Hotel/ Casino, Atlantic City
• Hollywood Casino Corporation
• Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
• National Casino, Moscow, Russia
• Penn National Gaming Corporation
• Sands Casino/ Hotel, Aruba, China
• Silverstar/ Golden Moon Casinos, MS
• Spirit Mountain Casino, OR
• Trump Marina, Atlantic City
• Venetian Casino, Vegas, China

Fran Macalino
Marketing Strategist and Media Placement
– Broad range of experience with diverse corporate accounts, including non-profit, retail, medical, educational and community-based initiatives… cuts wide swath of management skills combined with creative, analytical, strategic marketing expertise and an incisive knowledge of the print industry, from layout through prepress and printing… utilizes targeted message building and solid branding systems with a blend of effective cut-through-the-clutter strategies to achieve client goals… entrepreneurial in spirit, Fran founded her own agency operating for twenty years…
A proud supporter of the arts, Fran is an avid traveler and a strong community advocate.

Has worked with:
• Drexel University College of Medicine
• Eastern State Penitentiary
• Hahnemann University Hospital
• Olympus America
• Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
• Zany Brainy Toys

Georgiana Francisco
Public Relations/ Marketing Writer
– Seasoned writer with White House, corporate, journalistic experience listed in Who’s Who in American Business… multi-faceted publicist known for out-of-the-box thinking and award-winning strategies… former Vice President, Public Relations, Gillespie Advertising, an MRM/ McCann Erickson Worldgroup company… in-depth Atlantic City/ gaming media experience with wealth of global media connections, having worked in the gaming/ hospitality/ tourism arenas for thirty years… founded PR firm operating for twelve years… morphed Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills into the famous "Pretty Woman Hotel"… a published freelanced journalist, contributes regularly to state/ regional monthly consumer publications and blogs…
A longtime film fanatic, Georgiana combines a love of entertainment with an astute eye for consumer trends/ hot topics. Her flair for performance and pizzazz is as inspiring as it is informative.

Has worked with
• The White House
• Friendly’s Ice Cream
• Elizabeth Arden Salons
• Madison Square Garden
• Miss Universe Corporation
• Regent Hotel Corporation
• Ritz-Carlton Hotel Corporation
• State of Pennsylvania Department
  of Tourism
• Four Seasons Hotels
• U.S. Department of Agriculture

James Salter
Business Writer
– Former CEO, attorney… highly experienced in marketing, sales, operations… brings insight, market perspective to business writing that is always on target… focuses on B2B and B2C markets and SEO and SEM environments, producing wide range of output from white papers, articles and website copy to collateral, newsletters, case histories, and business special reports… an expert in business plan development and execution, creating/ employing business growth opportunities, marketplace awareness, and securing business partnerships for the purpose of mutual growth opportunities… his incisive ability to cut-through-the-clutter and identify business growth potential is legendary…
Jim is witty, highly intelligent, and definitely a man-about-town… known as Mr. Network.

Has worked with:
• American Management Association
• Dow Chemical Company
• DuPont
• Eden Autism Services
• Iris ID Systems/ LG Electronics
• iXP Public Safety and Security
• McGraw-Hill
• Prudential Financial Services
• Stimulus Brand Communications
• Wharton School, University of

Janice Booth
Editor/ Writer
– Adjunct professor at Anne Arundel Community College in Maryland, writes extensively for regional, national publications on topics ranging from agriculture to xeriscapes… author of an historical overview of the small town of Crofton, Maryland as part of the Arcadia Publishing series, Images of America… teaches public speaking, journalism, literature, and virtually every facet of the writing process during 30-plus years as an educator… awarded National Endowment for the Humanities Grant to study multi-cultural literature, twice awarded Outstanding Teacher of the Year…
Articulate, creative, attentive to details and diplomatic in her criticism.

Has worked with:
• Anne Arundel Community College:
   Humanities & Future Institute
• Arcadia Publishing
• Lancaster Farming Agriculture Weekly
• What’s Up? Publishing Group

Sandra Joseph Nunez, Esq.
Content Management Consultant
– Born in Sri Lanka, Sandra is an international child custody attorney and author of a nationally acclaimed book, Legal Rights of A Minor, written while on sabbatical from the Law Department of the New York Supreme Court… formed United Aid Foundation (UAF)… led mission to Sri Lanka to provide aid to refugees…UAF Chairperson, continuing to support other communities in distress—New Orleans, Haiti, Afghanistan and Romania… taught English as second language at Columbia University… taught speech/ drama in Sri Lanka under banner of London Trinity College of Music… advised U.N. Ambassador on formation/ implementation of not-for-profit foster care organization… created/ edited mother/ child newsletter for Church Street Settlement in Ontario… continues to write for magazines, newspapers, and television…
Sandra is New-York-hip with her finger on the pulse of the latest action!

Has worked with:
• Columbia University School of Music
• Millbrook Press
• NY Supreme Court
• Sri Lankan Association
• United Aid Foundation
• United Nations

Charles Orth
High-End Production Output
– Successful entrepreneur with twenty years’ experience in the print and large-output material’s Industry… knowledgeable in all publishing facets, from layout through prepress and printing… executes extreme keen knowledge with technical and digital systems… manages, executes projects through all stages for large format printing arenas such as tradeshow graphics, signage, vehicle wraps, murals, building graphics…
Chuck is a dedicated family man as well as a lover of sports and the thrill of the game!

Has worked with:
• Aetna Insurance
• Campbell’s Soup
• CIGNA Insurance
• Elsevier Science
• FAO Schwarz
• Zany Brainy Toys

Peter Lien
Videographer and Photographer
– Specializes in location production work, audio, video & still photography with twenty-five years’ experience shooting in challenging environments… excels at documenting over time, telling the ongoing story, and brand identity of the worldwide organizations/ companies with which he partners, including those in Rwanda, Uganda, Austria, Antarctica to New Zealand and locations throughout Asia, Europe, and the U.S… .strong in community affairs…supports the Business Council for Peace (…
A photography/ video story-telling specialist who delivers rich media content for the internet with real-world global shooting experience.

Has worked with:
• AstraZeneca
• Merck (Merck Engage)
• Penn Medicine
• TD Bank

David Newton-Dunn
Media Producer/ Web Video and Commercial Photography
– Born in London, England, David began his professional life with a number of London-based ad agencies, including the prestigious Benton & Bowles. He relocated to Paris to join the Institute of Frenc Architecture and George Pompidou Cdentre. In 1984, he founded Images Pressees, a visual effects company, using photography, video, and computer graphics to create special effects and animated titling sequences for advertising & television. High-end photo-shoots, corporate videos, animatics and linear editing followed with Paris’ premier post-production facility (Centreville Television), using Quantel H-series machines, before he moved to non-linear editing with Avid and later Final Cut Pro. David came to America in 2003 and works as a media producer,and he enjoys volunteering his museum docent skills.
A true perfectionist and detail-oriented as a worldwide artist in his own right.

Has worked with:
• Abercrombie & Kent
• Allies Inc
• Amboy Bank
• Arche Shoes Inc
• Community Options Inc
• Princeton University
• Random Books
• Tuscano Condo Homes
• XSRE Inc

Debra Gallek
Web Design/ Development
– Combines an understanding of technology/ design skills to create outstanding solutions for websites large and small… talented, energetic, artistic professional with the skills and enthusiasm to uncover, utilize new internet and digital technologies… fourteen years in web design/ development, she’s put her experience to work creating e-commerce sites, content management systems, bulletin boards, membership forums, and more…
Debra loves to play volleyball, spend time with her grandson, and has a passion for reading books about other cultures.

Has worked with:
• Brandywine River Museum
• Credit Union Cherry Blossom
• Cross & Simon, LLC
• Holy Spirit Hospital
• Meharry Health Policy
• North American Land Trust
• Pureland Supply
• Town & Country Landscape

Larry Booth
Brand Intensification Specialist
– An information technology professional with thirty- five years’ experience working with Fortune 500 companies, institutes of higher education, state governments… honed his skills at IBM for twenty-six years, managed four-million dollar client-server consulting/ implementation firm garnering experience in state-of-the-art application implementation… expertise includes comprehensive application solutions to support unique business requirements…
Seasoned and savvy by day, fine arts painter by night…and somewhere in-between, lies a wicked sense of humor.

Has worked with:
• Detroit Edison
• General Motors
• Hoffman Le Roche
• USAir

Joey Morelli
Motion Graphics Designer/ Compositor/ Editor
– Award winning post production specialist with twelve years of ad agency/ broadcast television/ gaming industry experience motion graphics designer/ compositor/ 3D designer/ non-linear editor/ colorist/ visual FX artist… incisive problem solver/ troubleshooter, his skill set morphs to accommodate new challenges into successful solutions… with an eye for quality, a passion for post production, he does whatever it takes to get the job done and exceed client expectations…
Joey’s work ethic, attention to detail and passion for quality are his greatest assets!

Has worked with:
• AutoNation
• Florida Marlins
• Florida Panthers
• The Golf Channel
• Miami Dolphins
• Nissan
• Technomedia
• XOS Digital

Rob Warren
Audio Artist
– Music composer/ sound designer for some of the world’s largest, best-selling video games, commercials, TV broadcasts and multimedia titles –– Tiger Woods PGA Tour, Madden NFL, Warhammer Online, You Don’t Know Jack, Rock Revolution, MMA, Dragon Tales, The God & Devil Show, NCAA Football, the Beijing Olympics, Phineas & Ferb Live, CNN News, and NFL Gameday… ability to capture the emotion of any product through audio branding and scoring has kept him busy as an audio professional for twenty years… responsible for audio branding for EA Sports, and radio stations such as Wall Street Journal Radio, ISP College Sports Radio, Seattle Mariners, Tampa Bay Rays radio networks and Yahoo Sports Radio… audio has been a key element in sales of millions of dollars of product, boosting commercial interest, increasing retention and generating enhanced user experience that leads to increased production, value, and revenues…
Rob is a man of audio genius; as sound is half the experience.

Has worked with…
• Disney
• EA Sports – (Tiger Woods PGA Tour,
  Madden NFL, NCAA Football,
  Warhammer Online)
• Konami
• NFL Network
• Scholastic/ Sesame Workshop/
  Fisher Price
• Sony
• Toyota
• Warner Bros.



Jeffry Bogart
Marketing Communications/ Advertising Production Services/ Strategic Business Development/ Special Events Executive/ President
– Career spans more than 25 years working with Fortune 500 companies in marketing/ advertising, having created and successfully met clients’ marketing objectives with nationally recognized, award winning results… corporate sales, marketing, strategic business development positions with Consolidated Graphics, RR Donnelley & Sons and Vertis Communications, including partner and Executive Vice President, Sales/ Marketing, Bogart Graphics Group, Inc… emphasis on leadership and business excellence, brand loyalty, quality service and people management training at the globally recognized and distinguished professional business development leader…
Jeff is a man of excellence; his admiration and excitement for entertainment and hospitality invigorates others to be the best at their craft.